About Us


Matthew Stannford –  is established by group of creative and innovative colleagues, company main office is in Vilnius, Lithuania. Main three  platforms that we are working with: Event management, projects, such as EU partnership or Concerts and last but not least- public relations- most of with politics.

We have the capability to create legendary experiences wherever in the world you may be. An international working experience helps us to build and create whatever we want or client whishes. We already worked with England, Germany, Latvia, Estonia, Georgia, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden and ect. Our style is to find new ways to get the goal. We love to risk, but till know it just showed the best side of it.

 Our team is defined by our highly personal and creative approach, producing high-end occasions from private, companies parties, fundraisers, opening ceremonies to concerts!

Personal Info

  • Vytas@stannford.eu / +370 6 14 09018
  • Lina@stannford.eu / +370 6 8419380
  • Lithuania
  • info@stannford.eu
  • stannford.eu


Event Management

Private/ Corporative Openings/ Fundraisers


Cultural/ International Concerts/ Bookingstars

Public Relations

Advertising/ Social Media/ Comunications/ Press/ News